AIMS Advantages

AIMS provides students with training to crack not only professional courses but also to choose the path best suited for them. At the end of the training, students will be ready to face:

  • NEET
  • Career of choice

Subjects Handled

  • Mathematics, Biology, Physics,& Chemistry
  • Logical Reasoning, Effective Communication, Creative Academic Projects, Science Activities-Hands-on Experience


  • Faculty – Have been involved in syllabus formation & examiners with in-depth clarity in concepts, specialized in nuances of interactive teaching & capable of inducing interest in students
  • Study Material – With lucid explanations,worked examples, thought-provoking assessments & Take-home Assignments.
  • Training Methodology – Every topic followed by test ,assessment –discussion and Tips for answering tricky and complex problems in the given time. Training students on speed & accuracy from day one of classes
  • Assessment & Progress – To Assess & improve understanding level of students and guide them towards progress- Micro Tests, Subject Quiz, Projects & Grand Tests


  • Students identify their strong areas of learning
  • Leads students towards self confidence & creative thinking for peak performance in the competitive exams
  • Helps students to choose appropriate branch of study during higher education.
  • Field visit – X-PLORE
  • Group discussions on latest developments in the field of Science & Technology
  • Projects under the guidance of IITians & Other experts
  • Events & prizes to toppers
  • To create curiosity in students – the spirit of scientific inquiry