About The Training

Who is eligible to enter your training program?

  1. a.For the two year program, a student should have completed X standard from CBSE or any other recognized State Board.
  2. b.For the one year program, a learner should be in either Class XI, XII. A student could also be someone who has completed Std XII and is prepared to take up our training program for an year.
  3. c.c. For the Intensive Crash course, the candidate will have to complete his/her Std.XII board examination and secured a pass or required percentage to appear for NEET or IIT JEE in the specific subjects concerned for the examination opted. (The courses will be Approximately for a month)

Do you conduct direct classroom coaching?
Where are the classes held?
We have established schools at strategic locations as our centres for easy access to students residing in those locations.

What are the various course durations of the NEET & IIT JEE classes in your centres?
Our courses for NEET/ IIT JEE are of three types.
All are direct classroom courses.

  1. 2- year courses on weekends or week days ( as per the centre’s schedules), weekly 9 hours. Students of std.XI can enrol into this course
  2. 1-year courses on weekends or week days, weekly 9 hours for subject teaching alone 
  3. In addition to subject oriented sessions, we also offer motivational sessions and performance enhancing sessions.  
  4. Intensive Crash courses conducted for a month after the Board examination of std.XII. This course will have daily classes with Unit Tests, Revision and Model exams in each subject in every topic. Discussion of all test papers by the faculty will ensure thorough knowledge on all concepts in all chapters. This raises the confidence level of the student multifold. 

Tell us something about the classes?
Our classes will be 8 – 9 hours a week. Gradually, the students pick up concepts and then they will be trained to do assignments on completed lessons. This will be for an additional 4 – 5 hours per week. This approach will groom the students towards a focussed and concentrated learning of all concepts and definitions in a concrete manner.Prime focus will be on inducing interest in the students to spend more time and improve concentration level for memory and retention of content taught in the classroom

Tell me more about your teaching methodology to ensure student’s progress
Our professors focus on driving concept clarity in the minds of students. This is done by creative teaching of definitions and formulae followed by working out examples in the class.
An immediate SPOT TEST after every class helps the student to self assess their understanding level. Second stage has questions where the concepts are to be applied for accurate answering.
Then we demonstrate a comparative questioning model for students to understand the approach to a competitive examination as they become thorough with the chapters. These classes address areas like combining two or more concepts to arrive at an answer, Assertion & Reasoning Type of questions, Creative Questions, Testing the logical perspective of the candidate, Tips for answering a complex problem by applying appropriate concept/definition from any subject/topic, not confining to the text books the students use.  
Revision tests and model exams are conducted at various levels of difficulty to gradually raise the performance level of students. Besides we conduct mock tests for NEET/IIT JEE .
Besides we conduct mock tests for NEET/IIT JEE .

Do you cover AIIMS and JIPMER entrance tests also?
Yes. We do dedicate a few hours for these entrance tests too. AIIMS and JIPMER have some extra papers  such as  General Knowledge & General Aptitude
Our teaching content takes care of such requirements of examinations that the students opt for.

Tell us about your faculty and their experience / credentials?
Professors and faculty members possess a rich experience in training scores of students for national level competitive examinations for more than a decade.
They are well-versed in the changing pattern of the examinations, assessment of students from various streams of education and the methodology clearly defined for taking such students to the competitive level of performance in the given time.
They continuously research on the pattern of exam and guide the students with precision. Students who are serious and genuine in their efforts are sure to crack the exams conveniently with ease

Will I get personalized attention and how do you do it?
As we are specific about the classroom strength not swelling beyond 35 to 40, the faculty is able to maintain eye contact with every student in the class.
Students with a regular attendance will experience progress in a few days.
Students perform  better school academics.
As they start understanding the concepts, they become more focussed on their goals. This renders a sound emotional stability to work consistently  The course also builds confidence and helps them sustain their interest in pursuing with their ambitions Frequent sessions on Soft Skills like, Confidence building, Motivation, Effective communication, Relaxation, Concentration, Memory enhancement are sure to help every candidate with sharpness and analytical skills. This again is a unique feature at AIMS Education.



Can you give the significant features of AIMS INTENSIVE CRASH COURSES that are conducted after Board examinations of class XII?  Four  important aspects are required for a short-term course to be successful. These aspects  are carefully designed in our Intensive Courses that train for students for National level Entrance Examinations.

  1. Faculty – The professors and other Trainers handling the classes are conversant with the State and NCERT syllabi and have rich experience in hand-holding the candidates to the academic level demanded by the Entrance examinations, be it IIT JEE or NEET. Time allotment  for each subject and topic is are scheduled as per the weightage of respective chapters in the entrance examinations. Eliminating  wrong options plays a vital role in and ranking of the candidate. Hence rigorous orientation on wise attempt of questions is done by the faculty.
  2. Study Material – A result focussing need based content is given to the students to go through a series of “Worked Examples”, “Exercises for Practice” and “Solutions” to difficult questions/problems.
  3.  Tests & Discussions – A crucial factor for ascertaining progress and success of the students. Daily UNIT TESTS, SPOT TESTS, PERIODIC REVISION EXAMINATIONS AND FINAL MODEL EXAMINATIONS OF VARIOUS ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS ON COMPLETION OF SYLLABUS. Discussion and distribution of solution scripts ensure a perfect revision of all concepts and also increases the pace and accuracy of the student in answering.
  4. Course Methodology – Daily classes, General motivation of students to stay strong and interested to work hard, guidance on study habits, hints and value points to remember and recall while taking up the final exam, Convenient spread of topics for comfortable learning and revising. Question bank with all probable questions for recap and practice.
  5. Guidance on applying for various colleges and courses for higher education with a priority list is a unique feature at AIMS Education.