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Availability of information and data will be sufficient to confront the competition through technical excellence as “Machines with a Mind”. Institutions and corporate entities are equally aware of the significance of Emotional Intelligence which highlights the irreplaceable “Mindful People” to effectively use the Artificial Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence involves acquiring new skill sets like, becoming more human, capacity to have an aerial view about everything we come across, wholesome knowledge, aptitude and lateral thinking - a few among the skill sets A recent study by Capgemini Research Institute titled “Emotional Intelligence- the essential skills for the age of Artificial Intelligence” forecasts that the demand for EI skills will see a six-fold increase, just as a result of the growth of AI and Automation These skills are not like learning a subject or a sport. Its like practicing for a marathon involving a continuous learning, practicing, application and improvisation. It is also evident through our experience that unless such capacities are built in a student at an early age say, 9 to 14, it becomes difficult for the student to have an open mind to acquire such skills and implement them appropriately without an inhibition or limitation. AIMS FOUNDATION COURSES focus on building these skills in students by offering a platform to explore and excel.

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