Director Message

Our Motto is to be the preferred companion of every student aspiring to progress and lead by hand holding them through our well-researched high quality services.

Gita Prabhu


I have been working in the education space for more than 22 years. Over these years of training I have seen a radical transformation in this industry. The growth in technology and the abundant avenues of information have provided us with an easy access to the latest development in global education, to meet the demands of students to compete and win, and the ways and means to lead the aspirants towards their goals with our best faculty and resources.

At AIMS our focus is to bring together world class training backed by world class technology to give our participants a superb learning experience.

Our training programs also include the kind of skills required to successfully get through competitive entrance examinations. Students trained at AIMS with the help of our rich resources consisting of expert faculty and innovative content are now at prestigious technological and medical institutions pursuing their undergraduate and post graduate degrees and in flourishing careers.