AIMS Approach

AIMS Approach

Innovation and upgradation are the order of the day.

  • A very crucial area to bring in laurels to students/participants by adhering to systems, procedures and schedules of courses offered
  • Student-friendly schedules
  • Fine-tuned content
  • Well-researched study materials
  • Graded level of test series and assignments
  • Unique delivery model
  • Strong, dynamic and young faculty
  • Demonstrative modules

AIMS trains and orients the faculty on the approach, assessment techniques and evaluation process. The courseware takes the student step by step, concept by concept through a series of explanations and worked examples before he attempts a "WORKSHEET" or an ASSIGNMENT.

The key is to trigger in students an interest and liking towards the subject taught in the class. This helps them acquire a deeper understanding of the topics and practice as many tests as possible with interest and seriousness so that he/she is able to perform well in any exam.

AIMS enables the students to think originally, in correlating their conceptual knowledge and in applying them in solving problems of higher order difficulty level.