AIMS – The Success Route

About AIMS Education

AIMS programmes focus on the development of academic and soft skills and along with the competencies required for the success of a student in various challenging competitive examinations at National and International levels. Communication and expression matter as much as knowledge. We help students develop the skills essential to express their knowledge on any platform, thus being able to display their understanding of the subject or the concept better.

Our cutting edge training programs help the participants achieve eminence through excellence. We have trained more than 1.5 million students imparting over 200 million hours of teaching.

Students trained at AIMS with the help of our rich resources consisting of expert faculty and innovative content are now at prestigious technological and medical institutions pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and many more in flourishing careers.

Our Mission

To conceive, collate and deliver quality services for students preparing for competitive entrance examinations.

Our Vision

To be the preferred companion of every student aspiring for success in competitive entrance examinations and secure admission into professional courses by providing continuous and relevant high quality inputs.